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Sex Female
Age 1
Home Needed Patient prepared to train. No other animals or children

Kaylee is a pretty 1 year old girl. The world to her is a very scary place, and she needs a calm family who are willing to take things at her pace, not pressurise her, and help build her confidence.  She is a shy, timid lady at first, but once she begins to trust she just beams.  She loves to play and run around a secure garden doing zoomies.  She is not able to go off lead in public areas as she does have a high chase drive as lots of sighthounds do.  She walks well on a lead, she is very gentle and can walk alongside other dogs quite comfortably.  She would prefer to be the only dog in the home as she has shown signs of resource guarding of high value items ie bones, long lasting chews etc.  She cannot live with cats or rabbits.  An adult-only home with NO visiting children is essential.