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Sex M
Age 6 yrs
Home needed Experienced, active, no young children, cats or small furries

Roman is a 6 yr old medium sized Shiba Inu or another Japanese breed mix.  He was with us a few years ago before being adopted, but was sadly returned due to his home no longerr being able to meet his needs.  Roman is very loving and loyal.  He is very intelligent and would thrive in a very active home with a family who know how to mentally stimulate him.  He does have a high prey drive so cannot live with cats or small furries.  It was reported that he can be wary of strangers at times, and he demonstrates this by barking at them.  He will tolerate dogs whilst on a walk at a distance, but would not be happy living with or sharing a confined space with another dog.  He requires a home where he will not be left for long periods as he can be quite vocal.  He would be fine to live with sensible children over the age of 12 yrs.