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Husky X

Sex M
Age 1 yr
Home needed Secure garden, active, experienced, no other animals


Rio is a Husky X.  He is so affectionate to people he knows and is actually a very sensitve soul regardles of his size.  He really doesn’t like to be left alone for long.  He will chase cats and other small furries.  He loves a cuddle with his favourite humans.  Rio does have worries and fears about the outside world.  He becomes very anxious of some but not all, people passing him, and oncoming dogs or dogs running off-lead near him.  On the odd occasion he will also react to bikes and larger vehicles.  He displays his fear by lunging out and is very vocal.  He is strong on the lead so a family used to larger, strong breeds is a must.  He is muzzle-trained but ongoing training to make him feel more comfortable wearing it is essential.  Ideally a home experienced with reactive dogs would be more beneficial, however a family who can display 100% commitment, patience and understanding would be considered.  Rio would need to be the only dog in the home and any children living there or visiting would need to be sensible teenagers.