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French Bulldog

Sex M
Age 1 yr
Home needed Adult only, committed to training, no cats

Charlie is a very handsome chap aged just over 1 yr.  He came to us from a very loving family who put a lot of time into him.  Unfortunately he has develped some negative behaviours that his heartbroken owners could no longer manage.  He will need a very special adult-only home with no visiting children.  He could possibly live with another dog, but it would need to be calm, neutered and well-established, either the same size or bigger than him.  He cannot live with cats.  Given time Charlie is extremely loving, playful and fun and he loves adventures.  Anyone wishing to adopt Charlie must be prepared to be very patient, give him space, and understand they may need to work alongside a behaviourist.  There is no time limit to when his behaviour will change, if ever.  His behaviours may only ever be managed, but his positive points definitely outweigh the negative.