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Sex F
Age 7 mths
Home needed Active, experienced

Callie is a 7 mth old Border Collie.  She was handed in by her family as they felt they could  not meet her needs.  Therefore we are looking for a more suitable home for her. Callie is a nervous girl who will need time to warm up to her new family.  She is sensitive to loud noises and sudden movements, and can be quite skittish when out on walks.  She is strong on the lead, so will need ongoing lead training, a slip lead will need to be used due to her nervousness.  She displays some typical collie behaviours, such as herding and nipping and would benefit from a breed-experienced home with another confident dog to help her come out of her shell and show her the world isn’t such a scary place.  Callie has displayed some resource guarding whilst in kennels although this was not a behaviour present in the home.  Callie displayed some separation anxiety from her main caregiver in her last home and would therefore benefit from a family who are home most of the day.  She is crate-trained and sleeps there overnight.  She will need ongoing housetraining.  She loves to play – tennis balls and playing fetch are her favourite and she will play for hours, therfore an active home is essential. Due to her age, a home with older teenage children experienced around dogs would be best.