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**IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT**Unfortunately we now find ourselves in lockdown, and due to restrictions in place, we are once again unable to allow visitors. This means that rehomings are on hold until we are permitted to re-open. You are welcome to make general enquiries via email but please bear in mind that adoption applications cannot be processed. During this time the team will be focusing on providing extra enrichment to the animals currently in our care, so please be patient with them if they do not respond immediately.
We always rehome the rabbits to live in pairs, never to lead a solitary life. A large set up is required, either a 6′ two storey hutch and permanently attached run, walk-in pen or converted shed with access to a run. If the garden is safe and secure and they are allowed time out, that is even better. Any rabbits already resident in the home need to be fully vaccinated (against Myxi, RHD1 and RHD2) and neutered.